For most of us, there’s a gap between where we are and where we want to be. Only a small percentage of people are living “full out,” truly thriving. 


I wanted to know why.

I had just written a feature article for a city magazine about how local women were faring in business. I soon found myself struggling with a health issue that created a financial downward spiral. Knowing nothing about personal finance (and worse, didn’t know that I didn’t know), I hadn’t created the safety cushion to weather a setback. That created other challenges that had me feeling very stuck. 

Having interviewed hundreds of inspiring people in my work, I noticed a difference between those who were thriving—with their finances, businesses and lives—and those who worked hard but often seemed to struggle. And I became obsessed with studying the secret and the science behind what made the “thrivers” different, and what it took for anyone to learn to thrive. I needed to know for myself.

This was 20 years go. There was no “surfing” to find quick answers on the Internet. But I read hundreds of articles and books, took courses and experimented. I’ve geeked out  poring over insights and strategies from behavioral science, positive psychology, neuroscience and personal finance. I’ve probably read every self-improvement book out there.  

And I quickly understood that thrivers approach life differently.

That’s when my approach to money and life completely changed and so did my career focus. As I learned more about how we’re wired and how we get in our own way (and worked on changing my own ways), I became passionate about helping others apply research-based tools to transform their lives and businesses. 

Here are a few things I’ve come to know:

→You are the creator of your life, via your beliefs, thoughts and choices. Your innermost beliefs are your life operating system.

→How much money and happiness you have is not as much about how hard you work as it is about your relationship with money and success. 

→Change doesn’t happen until you get super-purposeful and align your thoughts and actions with what you want.

→Everything you do (money, life and business) should feel right and good for you personally or it will be hard to be successful at it.

→Today’s smallest actions create tomorrow’s biggest results.

→The biggest catalyst to lasting change is self-awareness.

In my own experience, I’ve found 6 specific mindset and habit shifts that lead to the most significant results. They make up the framework I use in coaching and training. Each one builds upon the last to help you get crystal clarity, own your worth and create financial stability and freedom. They’re designed to also help you live with more ease, joy and balance.

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Robyn Post is a financial coach, journalist and the founder of The Money Post blog. As a former wealth management columnist for Reuters, Robyn focused on business strategies for financial advisors. Her work has appeared at Time.com, Huffington Post, Reuters, Parade, Philadelphia, Men’s Health, Details, Cosmopolitan and other regional and national magazines. She’s co-author of the New York Times bestseller Brothers in Battle, Best of Friends: Two WWII Paratroopers From the Original Band of Brothers Tell Their Story.

Robyn has spent two decades studying people who thrive and the science behind it. Having changed her own financial habits and realizing how many smart, educated women are behind in long-term financial and life planning, she chose to focus her career on helping others make better money decisions that align with their heart-and-soul goals. She earned a Certificate in Financial Planning after completing comprehensive training and exams in financial planning, insurance, estate planning, retirement and investment planning. In 2012, she founded a financial website to provide content to help others get more purposeful with their money. She coaches and leads the Wealthstory® Workshop online, a program designed to empower people to become their best selves and create create financial well-being and fulfillment.

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