It’s not easy to change our lives on our own. Positive change can happen much faster with a coach guiding you, especially one who’s done the work you’re embarking on. As your coach, I can help you take focused action toward your biggest goals, encourage you forward and be accountable as you build a financial foundation you feel good about. 

Own Your Worth, Build Your Wealth 1:1 Coaching

A holistic program that is part money strategy, part money mindset, 100% tailored to you 

 3 Months (12 Sessions)


1:1 Own Your Worth, Build Your Wealth 2-Hour Intensive

Designed to help you get organized and on track or address a challenge.

One 2-hour Coaching Call (with 7 days of email support)

$799 $549 for a limited time.



This call is to see if my coaching would be a good fit for you. We’ll talk about your obstacles and what might be holding you back, and I’ll share a recommendation to help you get started. Whether you decide to move forward with coaching or not, you’ll gain some clarity and you’ll have an action step to implement.

Cost: $149*

*If you become a client, this amount will be applied toward your coaching program so your discovery call will be included in your plan. Only one discovery call per client. 

To schedule a call, please email

Note: After scheduling a Discovery Call, you’ll receive an email with a questionnaire to send in and a link to make a payment prior to the call.

(Please note: There are a limited number of spaces for one-on-one coaching).


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