Wealth = Having the things in your life that matter most to you


The WealthStory® Workshop is an online money and mindset workshop to help you take charge and achieve what matters most to you. It’s designed to help you create a firm foundation for living a financially secure, authentic and fully expressed life.

This workshop is for you if:

  • You’re tired of worrying about money and ready to feel good about it. 
  • You want to start living your priorities, instead of sweeping them to the sidelines.
  • Your ready to make the space to take care of you so you have the resources to take care of your family, your business, and the people and causes you care about. 
  • You want to create a balance between enjoying your life and creating financial security.
  • You’re already successful, but want to step it up or live more boldly, joyfully, authentically, meaningfully.

In the Workshop, I Guide You Through 6 (Research-Based) Steps in 6 Weeks Where You Learn or Refine Your Skills to:

  • Get Super-Clear About Who You Are and What You Want Most
  • Drill Down on Exactly What’s Holding You Back 
  • Own Your Worth/Cultivate Self-Confidence and Tap Into Your Inner Power
  • Develop Mindfulness, Focus on Intention, and Find “Flow”
  • Overcome Old Patterns and Shift to Prosperity Consciousness
  • Practice the Simple Art of Compounding (Money & Healthy Habits)
  • Approach Your Finances in a Simpler, More Effective Way to Help You Grow Your Business and Net Worth
  • Build More Meaning and Joy in Your Life 

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